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Established in 2007, Foothill Feeders sits on the site of what was originally the Delzer Feedlot built in the 1980's, East of Belle Fourche, SD.  

The unique design and layout of the feedlot is focused on creating a low stress environment for the cattle and provides easy movement through out the entire feedlot.
      Feedlot Features Include: 
            - P
ie Shaped Pens
          - Long Narrow Weaning Pens
          - South Facing Slope 
          - Large mounds
          - 50 Degree Artesian Well With A Constant Flow
                     3,600 ft Deep, Pulls From Madison Aquifer
All Feedstuffs are grown or purchased locally, mainly off the Orman Dam Irrigation District which includes 60,000 acres of Corn, Alfalfa, and an abundance of Grass and Grass Hay Mix.

Carson Stemper/ Manager   
    Involved in the day to day operation at the feedlot.  His work ethic is second to none.
                 Email: stempercarson@yahoo.com
                 Phone: 605-450-8529

Steve Petterson / Cargill Nutritionist
    Nutritionist with experience working with custom  feedlots and looking at different feed alternatives and  feeding programs. 
                 Email: Steve_Petterson@cargill.com

Bruce Naasz / Veterinarian
    Experience with feedlots and cow calf both in practical experience and a vet practice.  Bruce is a valuable part of the success in our operation.  

           Email:  bnaasz@hotmail.com

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